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3 Places To Sell Your Industrial Equipment And The 1 Best Place

You’ve been put in charge of liquidating a warehouse full of industrial equipment and you’re on a time clock to move it. Or you’re upgrading to a new commercial space and you’re looking to sell your old equipment before you move to the new building. You’re in charge of finding the best place to sell a surplus of industrial or commercial equipment.

Nowadays, you have more options than you can list for selling industrial and commercial equipment. But all selling venues were not created equally. Some venues are definitely better than others and there is one venue that produces truly profitable and consistent results, time and time again.

This article will help you consider 3 common places people think to sell large surpluses of equipment. The article will then reveal the place that delivers the most consistent and profitable results. Before you decide on how you are going to liquidate a large-scale business, learn about your options below.

Online Social Selling Sites

New selling venues seem to open up online every day. The idea is that a person can simply upload a photo and description of a piece of equipment, or place an ad, and then the internet will do the rest. The tools and equipment will be sold in no time. Reality is quite different. Sure, selling a few computers or pieces of commercial equipment on Facebook may work to a degree. Or selling a shop full of your grandpa’s tools might do ok on Craigslist. But, if you are looking to sell a warehouse full of equipment, then online social sites quickly become a massive headache and a huge undertaking. They should be ruled out altogether. Nothing against eBay, but industrial buyers and commercial companies are not looking to purchase equipment for their large-scale operations from any type of social media site. They’re looking to purchase equipment in places where they know and trust the people selling. Serious buyers are going to shop with brokers who can deliver quality on a large-scale, brokers who will go the extra mile to make sure they take care of their customers.

Tag Sales

“Why don’t we just have a big tag sale?” The idea of a tag or estate sale can be alluring at first. We see these sales every weekend as we drive up and down the streets and highways. The windows are painted with “Going Out of Business Sale” on them. “Warehouse Equipment for Sale” signs adorn the front lawn and line the nearby roads. What we are seeing is a business that didn’t think through successfully liquidating their warehouse of industrial equipment. The business owner bought an ad in the local paper or created one on Facebook. The sales or management team has made calls to other companies in their industry. They are hoping that the network will help them get rid of the warehouse full of equipment. They are hoping that someone in their circle will be looking to buy. Tag sales are long shots nowadays. They take up a lot of time, manpower, and resources that a business looking to liquidate can’t afford to lose.

Equipment Dealers

Equipment dealers have always been popular. They’re reliable when it comes to fairness and customer trustworthiness. And it is widely agreed that they are a valuable resource for buyers. But it’s a hard place for a business owner looking to sell a surplus of industrial equipment. Most equipment dealers specialize in certain industries. They usually have a limited customer base and work diligently to serve that customer base. One of the toughest challenges with equipment dealers is the amount of time it can take to sell a large amount industrial machinery and tools.

A warehouse full of equipment could sit for weeks and months, waiting for the right buyer to walk in and purchase your niche equipment. Most dealers don’t have high budgets for advertising new items either. Most equipment dealers are not marketing whizzes, promoting your tools and machinery across multiple advertising channels. Dealers heavily rely on their customer base and a small network of buyers who they’ve done business with before. So, now you face the massive challenge of matching their customer base when you sell your tools and machinery. If you are looking to sell farm implements and they specialize in car parts or restaurant equipment, you may have a tough time getting your merchandise out of the door.

The Best Place To Sell


Did you guess it? If you’ve been around long enough, then you probably already knew that your best bet in liquidating a warehouse of equipment, or commercial business is in an auction. The right auction is designed specifically for selling large-scale industrial equipment. They’ll get you the best prices and help you see the most profit. Industrial and commercial auctions attract customers who are looking to buy. And a good team, like Auction Masters, knows exactly how to reach the most qualified buyers for your business equipment. They create dedicated, targeted marketing efforts and leverage large networks, usually from around the nation, when they plan the event of a sale. What’s even better? The possible bidding wars that can happen at every single auction. People are willing to pay for quality, and the people who buy from Auction Masters know they’re getting quality products. If you’re looking to liquidate your industrial or commercial equipment and machinery, don’t create headaches for yourself and settle for the 3 venues covered earlier. Call Auction Masters and get the results you deserve.