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A New Perspective For Selling Real Estate

A real estate auction is the perfect opportunity for property sellers to engage qualified buyers in a prompt sales window that requires them to take action quickly. With an auction marketing campaign, the seller has the ability to let a professional team build interest and create an exciting event around a specific sale date. 

Selling real estate property at an auction has significant opportunities attached. For anyone who plans to sell a piece of real estate, understanding the benefits of working with an auction company should be a part of your due diligence plan. Let’s explore more about why an auction may be your best course of action. 

A new perspective to selling property is being adopted by many savvy business people in the real estate market. Real estate auctions are rapidly becoming a popular way for sellers to list their properties and get a speedy and often valuable return. As the world moves towards streamlining the buying experience, real estate auctions are emerging as a popular method that leads away from the traditional property sales model. You may be leaving lots of money on the table by passing up the opportunity to sell your property at an auction.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and benefits of selling your property through an auction:


Professional Marketing For Your Property Sale

When you work with a well-versed, highly rated and recommended auction team, you tap into their vast experience and knowledge of advertising your property to highly valuable buyers who have been targeted through aggressive media campaigns involving digital marketing, print media, direct mail, broadcast, and a host of other methods that are particularly appropriate for the ideal demographic.

Auctions are built on the platform of timeliness. And buyers who regularly participate in auctions will be ready to take action. Unlike the traditional method of listing a property and employing a real estate company to schedule and reschedule showings, the immediate and arguably most valuable benefit a seller sees from an auction is the rapid market response. Buyers who participate in them are loyal to auctions. And there is no shortage of buyers. When many advertising campaigns for property auctions begin, the phones ring and they don’t stop. 

There are countless stories of auctions that were able to sell a property in a single day that had been listed for months and years with no signs of an offer coming in. The reason? Just as we mentioned above, auctions come equipped with sophisticated marketing methods that require qualified buyers to act fast. 


Stand Out In A Competitive Real Estate Market

In today’s market, it can be tough to stand out, especially if a flurry of properties go on the market at the same time with relatively similar values. We have been seeing this occurring more and more as the consequences of the pandemic continue to reverberate through the commercial real estate industry. When a seller lists the property in an auction, the result is a freeze on the market of similar properties nearby. 

The opportunity for buyers to get in a great deal often draws them into the funnel and they turn their attention towards the property up for bid. The seller’s target market is fully engaged and competition is established which drives the highest price possible. In the auction method of property sales, the negotiations happen among the competitors, and the seller leaves no money on the table.


An Easy Process Optimized For Remote Sellers

Another huge benefit for selling a property through an auction is that it is very simple to sell a home or business located in another state. A solid auction company, experienced in the realm of selling property will take care of the heavy lifting for the seller. This makes the process of selling from a remote location painless and easy. As a possibly added bonus, the auction day deadline that is set creates a buzz around the sale and this can initiate very good offers that come in prior to the auction event. It has been reported that up to 10% of properties are sold before the actual auction day. And that number quite possibly may continue to rise. 


The Quickest Way To Guarantee A Property Sale 

A common scenario that occurs where an auction can help tremendously, is when a property needs to be sold quickly. Some consistently cited reasons that often require the speedy sale of a property is a change in health, financial burden, or an abrupt move like taking a job offer in another state or country. Auctions are built to maximize the benefits of a quick sale. As we have reviewed in this article, the marketing campaigns behind auctions are set up for this exact sort of scenario. And they can give you guarantees that other selling methods cannot.


More Reasons To Sell Your Property In An Auction

As you can see, the benefits of selling real estate in an auction are numerous and can be quite valuable. Below, you’ll find a recap and expanded list of examples on how selling property with the auction method could be the most valuable solution for you:

  • Exposes the property to a targeted list of highly qualified buyers
  • Offers those qualified buyers new purchasing options
  • Increases sales revenue for the property in a niche sales channel
  • Properties are sold within a small, strategic window of time
  • Adds interest in other properties you may have to offer
  • Gives the seller a great chance at qualified referrals and return business
  • Real estate agents can earn commissions based on their involvement
  • Aggressive marketing campaigns ensure your property stands out
  • Creates a competitive buying environment to achieve the best price
  • Showings are scheduled so that they cause you little-to-no inconvenience 

You would be best served using a team that understands how to sell real-estate. You want a team helping you that has a history of success. They should be able to take the work and worry off your plate and make the entire process seamless. The best auction teams will be organized, efficient, and well-practiced in appraising and seeing the sale through to the end. 

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