How to Buy Arcade Games at Auction


There’s nothing like entering a space in the home that is uniquely your own. While you might have to make compromises in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, a game room is one area where you can let your personality shine. From your seating choices to your entertainment equipment, everything you put in this sanctuary of relaxation should fulfill one goal: make unwinding easy. The prospect of designing an entirely new room at home might seem daunting, but online auctions make it easy to find the perfect items for a game room. When an arcade or recreational business liquidates, you have an opportunity to find great deals on fun items for your home.

Choose the Right Space

When you’ve decided to build a game room, there’s one thing you can’t do without: a space to house endless entertainment. If you have an unfinished basement, a spare bedroom or some extra garage space, you’re halfway to your new game room. If you’re low on space, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. You can still find plenty of home entertainment options on our online auction that fit smaller spaces, like a compact arcade game. When you’ve settled on a room for your new game area, it’s time to start filling it up. You will need to organize the room around your outlets, so plan your room’s layout before bringing your equipment home.

Find Some Furniture

Chances are, you’re going to want to show off your new space, so plentiful seating is a necessity. We frequently hold furniture auctions that make it easy to find furniture to fit your space. When it comes to an entertainment room, comfort should come first. Look for couches, loveseats and recliners you can melt right into after a long day. If you plan on watching sporting events in this room, consider a large TV, surround sound system, and team memorabilia to fill out the room. Put some thought into how you will light the room – you don’t want to get stuck in the dark with your new items. Dimmable lamps are a great addition, because you can adjust their brightness and enjoy gaming sessions any time of the day. If you get hungry while playing arcade games, a trip to the kitchen can feel like climbing Everest. Solve the problem before it happens and with mini fridge for easy access to snacks. 

Get Entertainment

This is where the fun comes in. When you find an arcade item that’s perfect for your room, you’ll feel like a kid again. You can find arcade video games and activities that are perfect for what will quickly become the most exciting room in your home. Want to improve your basketball shooting form? There’s a game for that. Want to master the art of skeeball? It can happen in your own home. Of course, no game room is complete without the video games you poured quarters into as a kid. Go ahead, indulge in your nostalgia – your friends are sure to remember that arcade excitement and appreciate it as much as you.

There’s no better way to improve your home than to add items you truly enjoy. Our arcade equipment auctions are the fastest way to find furniture, games, and decorations to make your game room stand out. We’re happy to help you find the perfect item for your home, and we work hard to make the search as easy as possible. Keep an eye on our current and upcoming auctions page for arcade equipment at a great price. We have two arcade auctions coming up in November – one on the 7th and another on the 16th, so it’s a great time to plan a game room!