How To Effectively Use Social Media For Your Online Auction

How To Effectively Use Social Media For Your Online Auction

One of the benefits of online auctions is your extensive audience. As we mentioned before, geography no longer becomes an issue when you choose to utilize online auction sites. You also have an enormous amount of free marketing resources at your fingertips – so use them! With a little extra research, you can also target your auction items to people that could be interested in your products.

Even if you are not actually hosting the auction yourself, you can use Facebook multiple ways. Create an event or group to invite people to see the items you have in the auction, or give them the information about the auction through the website. You can update items and create a buzz for them through posts on the wall or message updates. Allow people to invite other people into the group so awareness can grow. You could also create a photo album on your personal page or for the group so people can actually see the items you are auctioning.

Twitter is item teasers or creating links to the site where your item is featured if you are utilizing the services of an online auction site. You can target certain audiences with the use of hash tags or tweet directly at someone with the “@” symbol. Use the research capabilities to your advantage and engage people that might be interested in the items you have to sell.

If you have an extensive amount of items you are auctioning or liquidating, a short promotional video might be another route for you. On the other hand, you could take specific items that require more inspection and share a film of the machinery, land, or other piece of merchandise.

Instagram can be a great resource for the right kind of inventory. Show people glimpses of the auction set up to generate excitement or show exclusive items in a different kind of light. Instagram is an excellent way to get creative with your inventory. Just like with Twitter, you can use the research tools to find appropriate hash tags and groups to display your items.