Most Expensive Auction Items: 2016 Edition

While most of the auctions on our site feature great deals, sometimes it’s fun to look at the opposite end of the spectrum and gawk at the year’s most expensive sellers. Auction houses that sell items for millions of dollars specialize in rare, collectible and extremely valuable items that only high rollers consider purchasing. When an item goes for a high price, it often makes auction news, as people dream about what it would feel like to throw wads of cash at something special for their collection. This year wasn’t short on fascinating auction sales, so read on to see some of the most expensive auction items of 2016.

Marilyn Monroe Dress: $4.8 Million


You may have seen the video of Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to John F. Kennedy, but did you notice the dress? Someone clearly did, and they were willing to part ways with nearly five million dollars to have it. The dress has unique cultural significance, as the blond bombshell sang to JFK at a 1962 Democratic fundraiser and presidential birthday celebration in New York. The dress itself was a pink illusion gown that sparkled in front of a star-struck nation.

LaFerrari Supercar: 7 Million


Ferrari showed its love for Italy by selling a car at auction, with proceeds going directly towards the country’s earthquake recovery efforts. The LaFerrari is the most expensive 21st century automobile ever sold at auction, and it’s easy to see why: the 949-horsepower hybrid is a limited-edition model joining only 499 others in existence. The fact that it was the last to be produced drove up the bidding price, although the added bonus of charity proceeds surely inspired a competitive auction.

Patek Philippe Wristwatch: 11 Million 


It’s well known that a designer watch can fetch a large sum of money, but this particular timepiece redefines the price of luxury wear. A Patek Philippe wristwatch smashed the record as the most expensive watch ever sold at auction. It was designed in the 1940s and is one of only four in existence. Bidders from all over the world vied for the chance to own (and if they dare, sport) this exclusive piece of stainless steel craftsmanship. The auction indicated to watch collectors that the market for high-quality timepieces is still going strong.

Claude Monet’s Haystack Painting: 81 Million


The most expensive piece of artwork ever sold at auction changed hands in 2016. An anonymous phone bidder came away with a painting from Monet’s Haystacks series, an extremely rare piece that spurred a bidding war. Bidding strategies seemed all over the place at the auction, as new people jumped in and out of the auction at seemingly random intervals. We may never know the identity of the lucky (and ridiculously wealthy) winner, but we do know that they possess one of the few Haystacks series examples outside of a museum.

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