Getting a Pulse on Buyers: The Best Way to Sell Used Medical Equipment

Doctors working with used medical equipment

The health services industry is unlike any other field when it comes to buying and selling equipment. Medical equipment transactions are strictly B2B, as ordinary consumers typically have no need for the specialized devices found in hospitals or clinics.

In such a niche market, getting your medical equipment in front of as many eyes as possible isn’t necessarily the best selling strategy. You wouldn’t put up a sign near the side of the road that says “medical equipment for sale”, yet many businesses take a similar wide-net approach using do-it-yourself auction websites.

You’re not alone if you are wondering where you can sell your used medical equipment. Find out how to drive sales more efficiently by targeting the right people at the right time through online auctions.

Marketing Matters

A buyer isn’t going to visit an online auction they don’t know exists, so if you’re thinking about selling medical equipment through this type of platform, marketing is essential. Start by learning more about your potential customers. Consider what success looks like to the person looking at your auction. Do they want to upgrade their equipment? Or do they just want to get the best price and look good in front of their boss? In the health and wellness industry, identifying hospitals or clinics that are likely in need of new equipment while also considering the person in charge of the purchase is essential.

Once you have identified a target audience, the next step is reaching out to those people with strategic messaging to build awareness for your auction. Some questions to ask yourself include:
What concerns do they have?
How can I alleviate those concerns with the messaging I use in my auction listing?

Next, you need to bring it all together. Our team combines traditional marketing tactics like mailers with digital strategies like online advertising to draw the most attention to every auction. When you capture the attention of hospital supply staff, you are one step closer to a successful sale.

Established Relationships

The people who purchase medical equipment at auction usually aren’t first-time buyers. Chances are, they do it for a living, and they have go-to resources when it’s time to find the right equipment for their facilities. The buyers who are interested in used equipment often live in rural areas, where hospital funding may be lower and the opportunity to purchase equipment in person isn’t an option.

Sellers who understand their customers’ online purchasing behaviors are more likely to be successful and earn cash quickly. It’s important to choose a selling platform that has experience handling medical device sales and has built relationships with relevant health industry buyers.

Our team at Auction Masters is proud of our track record when it comes to medical device auctions. We aim to create a seamless transactional experience for both buyers and sellers. This value has led to many repeat medical equipment customers who value efficiency and predictability with their purchases. We can help you take advantage of an existing audience that’s always in a buying mindset.

Get Started

If your business wants to sell medical devices and equipment, you might be wondering what steps to take next. Auction Masters makes it easy to register as a seller and get your products in front of relevant customers as fast as possible. Our auction platform is ideal for businesses looking to efficiently drive sales, as our experts will take care of the heavy lifting during the marketing and setup phases of the auction. It’s the best way to sell used medical equipment with as little hassle as possible.

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