How Metalworking Machinery Auctions Make Selling Effortless

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Those in the metal fabrication industry understand the importance of preparing for changing market conditions. As an industry that is tightly intertwined with the economy as a whole, metalworking shops must be ready to take on a wide range of projects quickly when demand spikes. A growing number of metal fabrication businesses are ramping up their production capabilities to prepare for market fluctuations, and anyone with equipment to sell stands to benefit.

Whether your business is liquidating its metalworking machinery or replacing old equipment with newer models, you can take advantage of metalworking machinery auctions to simplify the sales process. Metal fabrication is one of the most popular industries at Auction Masters, and that means there is an established customer base for you to utilize in your sale. Learn how to reach the customers who need your equipment with our online auction platform.


A piece of raw material such as plate metal, expanded metal or casting isn’t worth much on its own, but metal cutting equipment transforms the material into something useful. This type of machinery’s ability to cut to specification reliably makes it valuable to businesses that require pinpoint accuracy.

If your business has CNC cutting torches, laser cutting machines, water jet cutters or band saws, there is a demand for your items. Sheet metal machinery auctions connect you with customers that utilize these tools on a daily basis, so you can make a fast sale.


Screws, nuts, and bolts wouldn’t be so easy to produce if it weren’t for metal fabrication equipment such as lathes, mills, and drills. These machines remove unwanted material from metal blocks to produce products that are usable in the real world. The customer base for machining equipment is large since general metal fabrication shops and specialty machining shops alike exist and require capable equipment to get the job done.

Since you wouldn’t sell this type of specialized equipment at a traditional retailer, you might be wondering how to sell lathes on a platform that serves your niche. Our online auctions regularly serve this purpose, meaning we have a hungry customer base ready to buy.


Folding metals is not a simple process, and some businesses surely wish it was easier. If you have the type of equipment that folds metal, such as press brakes, you can take advantage of this very specific need by reaching customers who want to improve their production capabilities.

When you work with experts like our team at Auction Masters, you can rely on strategic marketing before auction day to raise awareness of your upcoming auction. Our team utilizes digital and traditional marketing tactics to put more eyes on your used press brake tooling equipment. More auction participants lead to increased bidding competition and more money in your pocket.


Sometimes a handheld paper hole puncher just won’t cut it. When hard metals require penetration to create holes and openings, powerful machinery comes into play. For businesses that must punch holes into sheet metal, the punch press is an indispensable tool. A capable punch press can help a company increase production volume and improve efficiency on a wide range of project types.

Because these machines are so versatile, many industries rely on them, and an online auction is an ideal format to connect with these customers. Much like a punch press, Auction Masters will handle the nitty-gritty details of your auction. You never need to worry about things like photography or item categorization, as our experts will tackle these responsibilities on your behalf.


While many types of metalworking involve dividing or removing pieces of metal from a block or sheet, welding joins multiple pieces together. This type of assembly binds materials such as structural steel, creating useful items that are more usable together than they are apart. Because this process is so common in metal fabrication shops, demand is high for welding equipment, and much of the buying and selling action happens through online auctions.

Auction Masters has built a reputation for providing customers with quality welding items such as arc, MIG and TIG equipment. Many business owners who work in fabrication shops keep a close eye on our upcoming auctions to make sure they don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase the products they need to stay productive. As a seller, auctions offer one of the best places to sell welding equipment without the hassle of locating qualified buyers on your own.

Sell Your Metalworking Equipment

If you’ve been thinking about selling your metal fabrication equipment, but have struggled to find the right format to do so, Auction Masters is here to help. You can find the metal fabrication buyers you’re searching for, and maximize the amount of money you make from your sale. Even better, you can leave the hard work to us, as we’ll take care of the details throughout the selling process. Contact Auction Masters today to make the most of your metal fabrication items!