Niche Industry? We’ll Make You Money When Others Can’t

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” — Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s Corp.

There is something that separates the great performers from the average. Ray Kroc put it bluntly as ‘sweat’. Some people believe it’s not only hard work but a little bit of luck as well. Others would argue that great performers are built by a need to win, to be the best. Our team at Auction Masters wouldn’t disagree with any of these summaries. But there is definitely one idea that we believe in the most. This idea has allowed us to make companies lots of money at auctions when everyone else told them things like: 

“There’s just no market for your industry.” 

“How do you expect to find buyers for this equipment? No one knows what it is!” 

“Nobody is making this stuff anymore. How are we going to sell it?”


Our idea? We go the extra mile for you every time. 

Today, we want to give a big ‘hooray’ to all of the visionaries and dreamers who saw an opportunity where others didn’t, and you took it. We want to recognize all of the entrepreneurs and owner/operators who had a dream to create solutions and grabbed the bull by the horns. 

If you have a niche or conventional market that you manufacture within, or produce goods for, then we want to celebrate you and your team. You’ve taken a chance that most others can’t even dream of. You’ve created value in places where it never existed before. So we’re saluting you by re-visiting some of our favorite types of auctions we’ve conducted over the years. 

If you ever need help selling your ‘off-the-wall’ equipment, Auction Masters will always go the extra mile for you. A big part of what drives our team is working to help our sellers succeed. We create a seller’s market and focus on getting you the most value for your tools, machinery, and equipment – no matter what type of equipment that may be!

So let’s start out with some of the most favorite, traditional auctions that we conduct. These auctions usually involve companies who are creating solutions for people in their everyday lives. Some of these products and solutions are even taken for granted because they’ve become so ingrained into people’s existence that they wouldn’t know what to do without them. Some folks wouldn’t be able to live without these products and services!

  1. Cabinet shops – From a seller’s standpoint, cabinet shops are awesome! Like electricity and plumbing, cabinets are something that people will always need. If you have a home, you’re going to need cabinets. They’re exciting sales that draw in enthusiastic crowds who are willing to pay top dollar for good equipment tools and materials.
  2. Restaurants – Restaurants are excellent for bringing in a variety of people also looking to pay competitive prices for kitchen equipment, dining furniture, and even memorabilia! Good restaurant equipment is hard to beat when you look at how much new equipment costs. And we are always ready to help you relocate great equipment that needs a new home. 
  3. Manufacturing – This is a heavy hitting, highly popular category that always pleases the customer and the seller! Like restaurant equipment, manufacturing equipment is very expensive when bought brand new. And also like restaurant equipment, if you take good care of your machines and tools, they will bring you a strong resale price because they retain much of their value!
  4. Retail – Store fixtures are often challenging to market and sell, but we always find buyers who will purchase them at a great price. Most times, retail liquidations are set on a deadline to clear the store. This is the notorious “out by the end of the month” obstacle that business owners face. One of our specialties is helping you get your space cleared out in a way that meets the landlord’s expectations. 
  5. Hardware Stores – Hardware stores can also bring surprising returns. From tools to retail equipment, hardware stores are known for carrying a little bit of everything. Hardware auctions attract a massive crowd of diverse buyers looking to score a deal.

Ok. We’ve given you some of our favorite, traditional auctions. Now, it’s time to share some of our niche auctions that you might not believe could even happen! The sellers, exhausted from trying all of the conventional methods of liquidating these items, came to Auction Masters because they heard we specialized in turning a profit for unconventional products. 

These are the challenges we love most! If you don’t think there are buyers looking for your niche products, then give us a call. We’ll show you that reality is quite different!

  1. The Garbelizer – This was a massive machine with the sole function of chewing up giant tires! The seller wasn’t sure he would ever be able to find someone who was interested in buying the machine. So he called Auction Masters and put us on the case. We were able to command a much higher price than the seller expected. 
  2. Animal Nutrition Plant – This was a huge plant with a very niche market! At this location, the company mixed nutritional additives to create healthier animal feed. The operation was enormous and the company could not imagine how they were going to liquidate all of their equipment. Once again, our expert outreach team with its’ extensive network of buyers was able liquidate their entire operation, including the real estate within a tight time frame. 
  3. Inflatable Space Shuttle Replica – This was the day we stopped traffic! Imagine driving down the road, taking your kids to school or baseball practice, when you spot a Space Shuttle ready for take-off on the side of the road! This replica looked so real, people actually stopped their cars to get a better look. The inflatable Space Shuttle stood 60 feet high and looked exactly like the real thing!
  4. Selling A Lowe’s – Yes, you read that correctly. We liquidated an entire Lowe’s store. We had tons of ecstatic buyers and DIY homemakers who were able to get some absolutely great deals. Lowe’s came to us asking if we could help them return the building to the ‘white box’ that it was before they moved in. They soon learned that liquidating inventories is one of our specialties!


We’ve been conducting successful auctions for over 4 decades. We’ve learned so much over this course of time and we’ve been able to help so many people. But it’s not just buying and selling that you are forced to deal with when liquidating a business. 


There are lists of other tasks and headaches that you must complete. Guess what? We can help you with those as well. We offer real, turnkey solutions for selling your business. Check out the list of services we offer and see the Auction Masters difference.


  • Auction Masters has the ability to work with banks and multiple owners.
  • We have extensive experience with many legal issues a business owner may face.
  • We work with leases and ownership issues. We can help you get out of your lease. 
  • We work with “end of the month” timelines.
  • We offer turnkey clean-up services, bringing your building back to a “white box”.
  • We remove hazardous waste. We can haul almost anything away!
  • We help you get your square footage back, if you need to clear up some space.
  • We can handle multiple locations and franchise locations.
  • We not only sell equipment and inventories, we will sell your real estate as well. 

We are also long-time members of the Minnesota Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association. Our focus is creating a quality experience for everyone involved with our auctions. We’re committed to providing our sellers with the most interested buyers. Likewise, we provide our buyers with great products that need a new home. Remember, if you ever need to liquidate a business, make Auction Masters your first call. We’ll take the headache out of the process and turn your assets into cash in the meantime! We look forward to making your auction experience the best one possible!