Online Bidding Tips 101: A Beginner’s Guide – Part 1

Online Bidding Tips 101: A Beginner’s Guide – Part 1

During the height of the 1990’s dot-com bubble, auctioning was forever changed when a small Silicone Valley startup called eBay made its way onto the World Wide Web. Not only would the platform provide an easier and more organized way to bid on items, it would also extend auctioning’s scope. Now, even more people who couldn’t previously participate in the auction process would be able to do so on a global scale. Auctions were also now more personalized than ever before.

Since then, the Internet has drastically changed. While traditional auctions are still held from time to time, more online auctioneers have popped up – making the age of auctioning better than ever. More choices are good for the consuming masses. But with the change in how we handle bidding, new rules need to be applied. How should bidders go about winning the items they’re interested in for the best possible rates? We provide some general tips below:

Be Confident
Not all auction providers come equal. Don’t be afraid to do your homework on different companies. As solid as an auction may look, every auctioneer has a reputation in the industry. Check feedback, reviews and make sure you’re not getting scammed. You can only be confident in your bidding if you’re confident that the auction provider is fair and legit.

Commit to the Product
Never change you’re mind about a product once you’ve already won the product. Bidding on it in the first place should mean that you’re expressing some form of commitment to the item.

Check Thoroughly
In other words, never be a casual bidder. Instead, be a committed bidder. Don’t be afraid to hit that refresh button time and time again. If you’re only checking in on an item casually, chances are that you’re actually not that interested in it.

Ask Questions
Online bidding often only features some pictures and perhaps a paragraph or two. Don’t be afraid to send the auction provider questions regarding the product as the bidding continues. Leave nothing unanswered.