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Selling Family Entertainment Center Equipment

When it comes to our current situation, parents are standing at opposite ends of the spectrum on how they plan to proceed as public attractions like the zoo, aquariums, bowling centers, and trampoline parks reopen. Some parents can’t wait to get their kids back out there. While others are very cautious about how they plan to proceed.

How Do You Proceed?

And regardless of how parents plan to go about visiting attractions, park owners will only be able to host a limited capacity of visitors based on state mandates and newly released regulations that are attempting to stifle the COVID-19 epidemic. The closures of March, April, May, (and in many states) June and July have left a major portion of the fun park industry tattered financially. 

The Future

Chuck E. Cheese filed for bankruptcy. Jump Street and Altitude Trampoline Park have both closed locations. Hang Time closed locations. These are only a few names in a host of other companies both large and small that have either permanently shut their doors or have experienced heavy financial impacts due to COVID-19.

Several polls have been submitted with customers rating their likelihood to visit different types of attractions from “most likely” at the top to “least likely” at the bottom as things open back up:

  1. Zoo 
  2. Cultural attraction 
  3. Aquarium 
  4. Amusement park 
  5. Bowling center 
  6. Family Entertainment Center 
  7. Water Park
  8. Skating Center 
  9. Trampoline Park


As we can see, trampoline parks and skating centers are likely to fare worse than most other kids’ and family entertainment centers. According to these results, it will be critical for the lower half of this list to get very creative with their offerings and incentives for potential guests. It would also be a great time to prepare your guests for what to expect when they visit your business. 

As family entertainment centers are reopening, it’s become clear that returning guests have a different outlook for their experience than they did before the shutdowns. Parents want safety. Parents want peace of mind, knowing that the business is actively doing everything it can to promote a clean, virus-free environment. We can expect guests to visit businesses they see as safe, businesses taking every measure possible to create a clean environment for patrons. 

As a business owner, now is the time to push harder than ever towards a proactive approach in your communications with patrons and guests. So what do we mean by “proactive communication”? 

The first line of your proactive approach is your digital announcements. Think about using your website, email lists, and social media channels to let folks know how you are engaging the pandemic.

Think about collaborating with your marketing and operations teams to come up with creative ways in which you show your guests how you will ensure their safety and give them the best possible experience.


COVID Guest Requirements

Here are some examples of measures that guests expect for entertainment parks to take:

  • Staff temperature checks 
  • Staff must wear masks
  • Staff wear gloves
  • Easy online reservations
  • Reduced number of guests
  • Glass windows at point of sale kiosks
  • Easy, contactless payments
  • Guests temperature taken before entering
  • Guests must wear masks


Spell out the safety steps you’re taking. Maybe you update the homepage of your website to explain your proactive approach. Show customers how much you value their business and patronage. Show them how you’ve invested time and energy into their safety. Let them know about your social distancing protocol. Promote online ticket sales through your social media accounts and also on the homepage of your website.

Let your customers know what rules they will be expected to follow while visiting your entertainment center. Make it clear that you have a limited capacity of guests you can host. Let them know that social distancing is in effect. Clearly mark sanitizing stations and place them throughout your facility in a consistent manner.

Get Creative

The short-term challenges of reopening parks and entertainment centers are only one part of a larger, long-term strategy that will take prolonged focus and flexibility. If you want to keep your doors open and customers engaged, creativity will be one your strongest allies. You may want to adjust your pricing structures to make them more attractive than your competitors. You can read our last article on Amusement Parks where we covered the ideas of perks and bundles.

Many entertainment centers and family parks are discounting their annual memberships and creating attractive bundles that make the entire experience of visiting their venue easy. Think about including a free meal for patrons who purchase a certain membership tier. Maybe you can provide discounts on your merchandise. Provide members with bundle prices on multiple parties and give them with perks that make their experience seamless. Consider group discounts, offering reduced pricing on low traffic days, or half-price/half-day tickets for families coming after school. One of the most popular ways to attract people to spend with you is a reward program.

Being proactive right now will help many family entertainment centers across the United States to stay open. But, there is no arguing that this pandemic has been devastating to our economy and millions of lives have been negatively affected. For some business owners, proactivity means creating a valuable exit strategy. 

The best strategy business owners can have when thinking about an exit is to know the value of your equipment. Regardless of whether you plan to stay in business, or liquidate your equipment and move on to the next opportunity, you’ll have peace of mind knowing what your business equipment is worth. Auction Masters is here to help you figure out this key component. 

We’ve simplified the process of determining your business equipment value. In two steps you can set yourself up to effectively package and market your business and equipment as a valuable sales item. Read about our 2 step process below to see just how simple it is.

The Auction Masters 2 Step Process


Step 1 – The Appraisal

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Step 2 – The Sales Process

We make the process of selling equipment easy, working with our sellers to secure the prices that are best for them. Our auctions are a fast, effective, streamlined method for selling your family entertainment center equipment. 

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