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The Secret To Selling Computer Equipment In Bulk

If you’re in charge of selling large amounts of computer parts and components for your company, you know the task can feel a bit daunting. The industry of computers and PC components is advancing at a faster pace every day. Many companies are updating their IT equipment more than once a year. What are they doing with all the extra parts? 

It’s doubtful that any of them are setting up a Used Computer Sales Department in the basement of their operation. They’re probably not opening up their office to the public or other businesses to come in and make a deal either. They likely don’t have a giant closet where they store all of the old equipment in. And conversations with operations managers have informed us that they aren’t renting warehouse space for storage either. So what are they doing?

This article will reveal the secret that successful companies employ to remove their used computer equipment and see a return on their investment. But first, before the secret is revealed, we need to explore the 2 most important things these companies have learned that most others haven’t.


  1. Doing good business. Fast.

Regardless of how the smartest companies decide to sell their used IT equipment, their priority is to liquidate inventory fairly and in a transparent manner. And they understand that it needs to happen quickly. Their system for liquidating parts like CPUs, GPUs, RAM, SSDs, processors, and hard drives must run smoothly. 


They know the market. Smart companies realize that the market for computer equipment can be limited when selling locally. They also understand that it can be difficult to find qualified buyers for specialty parts and large amounts of IT equipment. They need a far reaching solution, allowing them to attract customers who may not be located close by. In turn, the customers need to trust the venue they’re buying from and have peace of mind that the seller is legitimate. 

But how do companies achieve such high selling standards and still see a quick turnaround? 


They plan ahead. The smartest companies know that a solid plan equals success. They prepare for a large IT liquidation by securing and transferring their data to the new system, getting their equipment gathered and organized, and setting a firm date for the sale. You’ll notice that we didn’t mention labeling, taking pictures of each part, or pricing. Those three steps will eat up massive amounts of time and resources. But companies who know the secret don’t have to worry about those problems.


  1. They use small effort for big results.

No matter what circumstances are driving them to sell, the companies who know the secret to a successful IT liquidation are not wasting time and effort. They want a swift, clean sell and they’re not going to use valuable resources playing the negotiation game for each piece heading out of the door. They don’t spend their energy calculating shipping costs. They’re not wasting both time and money advertising their equipment through traditional and online marketing avenues. And no, they’re not setting up Amazon and eBay stores.


They’re organized. These businesses know that an important step in creating a successful IT sale is getting their parts in order. The more organized their inventory is, the easier their selling experience will be. They move the equipment for sale to an easily accessible area and if they have the information available for the specs of their computer parts, they make it available.


They’ve got a list. This is easy and quick. If your company hasn’t done an inventory of your IT equipment, then it’s a great idea to make a walk-through of your facility (or send an email request for your departments) and get a record. It will save you a massive headache if you ever need to sell your computer parts. Some basic criteria that can be extremely helpful in removing your used IT equipment and getting you the most money for it: 

  • The number of computer parts you’re selling 
  • The types and model names of those parts 
  • The manufacturing year
  • Serial numbers for the components
  • Instructional manuals are a major bonus! 


Ok. You’re probably thinking, “That’s it? That’s all? Good? Fast? Small effort? Big results? Tell me something I don’t know!” Sorry, but that’s it. This is all you’ll need if you employ the secret to successfully selling computer equipment in bulk.

So do you want to know the secret?

The most productive companies have found a trusted partner who can help them remove and sell their IT equipment quickly, efficiently, with little hassle, and get them a great return.

If you’re in charge of liquidating your company’s used computer equipment, then you’ll do well finding a trusted partner who knows how to sell it in bulk at the best price. You’ll need to look for a company with a long-standing track record of success in niche industries. They’ll need to understand your complicated market and know how to identify high-value, qualified buyers. You should also look for a partner who humbly admits to having a number of returning clients. 

Welcome to Auction Masters. One of the most efficient, effortless, and valuable ways to liquidate IT equipment is through the various options our auction provides. We’ve spent the last 40 years perfecting the process of selling niche equipment like computer components. You’ve just read the only tasks needed for an amazing seller’s experience with Auction Masters. Yes. It’s that simple. Don’t waste your valuable time and money trying to organize an IT liquidation. Get a list. Organize your parts. Call Auction Masters. We’ll do the rest.