How Used Industrial Equipment Auctions Have Transformed Industries

One question that always pops up when it comes to online auctions is which industries would benefit from selling their items using this unique format. What surprises many people is that online auctions are the most effective way to sell for nearly every industry. Everything from forklifts to refrigerators can be bought and sold using an online auction platform. Compared to organizing, marketing and maintaining a liquidation sale, an online auction is simple. Our auction experts can do the heavy lifting, allowing you to turn your assets in to cash quickly.

Square footage is something that businesses will always need, which is why many turn to auctions when they are running out of room. Selling unused equipment is a great way to get that space open and generate cash.

Here are just a few examples of industries that stand to benefit from used industrial equipment auctions.

Cabinet shops

There is a strong market for unused cabinet shop equipment and an online auction increases the pool of buyers willing to purchase your items. Platforms like Auction Masters utilize strategic marketing to ensure potential buyers know when and where to bid when auction day arrives.

Machine Shops

Machining equipment is in demand and an online auction is the most efficient method to use when unused equipment and tools need to be sold. CNC machines, inspection tools and other items will be marketed directly to businesses looking for machining related assets. An online auction will be completed in a short time with excellent results. This is a niche industry, so customers know exactly what they want, and chances are, they need it sooner rather than later. An online auction gives these types of people the chance to find the right equipment, at the right price at the right time.


Shops that work with fabrication equipment know the importance of choosing the right equipment for the job. Auctions give buyers the chance to browse a wide selection of equipment that pertains to their needs all in one place. Do you need a hydraulic press brake, laser cutter, horizontal band saw all at once? An online auction makes that possible, for an affordable price. Fabrication equipment sellers benefit from attracting a large group of qualified buyers during a predetermined time frame.

Construction Companies

There are many facets to the construction industry, but one thing in common is the need to upgrade equipment regularly. When the season is over or a project is done it is a good time to sell off equipment and the online auction platform is the most efficient and profitable way to free up cash for the equipment needed for the next season or project.

Electrical Contractors

When electrical contractors are between jobs (seasonal or otherwise) online auctions provide an efficient method to convert un-needed inventory and equipment to cash quickly. It is an effective way to maximize building space by making room for what is needed on the next project.

These are just a few examples of industries that will benefit from online auctions, but the list could go on. If you’re ready to learn more about using this type of platform, check out our blog post on the most common myths associated with buying and selling at auction. You may find that auctions are more useful to your business than you imagined. When you’re ready to get started buying or selling, register with Auction Masters to start the process.