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Are you a plumbing business owner in Saint Paul or Minneapolis looking to propel your enterprise to new heights? Are you in the process of liquidation and have to dispose of your equipment? Are you just starting your plumbing journey and need to establish an inventory?  If these scenarios sound familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Auction Masters is your one-stop shop for selling and buying equipment that will benefit your plumbing endeavors, whether you’re looking for an appraisal or to go into liquidation.

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Benefits of Selling Your Equipment With Auction Masters

Auction Masters is your trusted source to ensure you get the most out of your plumber equipment or liquidation auction in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We’re committed to helping you sell and liquidate your business assets, giving you the peace of mind you deserve during your plumbing equipment auction.  All you have to do is provide the equipment needed to be sold, and we handle the rest. We’ll photograph your equipment for liquidation and give it an appraisal to plan the auction. Then, we market the items and run the auction for you.  Our online auctions make it even easier to reach a wider plumber audience, giving you the possibility for complete liquidation of your business assets and ensure you see the financial return you require. Our team is devoted to being flexible to work with the unique needs of each plumber to make it the best experience possible. With over 40 years in business, you can rest assured that Auction Masters is the expert in the industry you crave. We’ll do everything in our power to give you the fastest and easiest experience and sell your surplus plumbing equipment.

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Why Buy From Auction Masters?

Auction Masters makes it effortless for any plumber looking to expand their inventory or get an appraisal on their surplus for liquidation. We have a vast inventory of furnishings and tools available. The best part is you get to be the one directing the auction process. Name your starting price, and leave the rest to us. Auction Masters is 100% transparent in the condition of the plumbing equipment we sell. Our online auctions make it convenient to ensure the product reaches a wide audience across the Twin Cities. We list the start and end dates so potential buyers can plan. We also list dates buyers can sign up to inspect the items up for auction. We give potential buyers and plumbers a map of the location of the items, granting them a chance to see the goods set for liquidation personally. We also make it clear to the buyer how to plan for transportation of equipment once they have won the auction. Our company provides phone numbers of those to contact with any questions, so you always have a network of resources for a plumbing equipment auction or liquidation.

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Twin Cities-Based Professional Auction Experts

For almost two decades, we have been the most trusted source for plumbing equipment auctions in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In 2006, we began our online auction services, which made an incredible difference for both those looking to liquidate and accumulate. Because Auction Masters is a local business, you can be sure that you’re working with professionals you can trust. We specialize in understanding the true needs of those in the Twin Cities. We’re equipped to meet your selling and buying goals for a plumbing equipment auction.  Given that we’re local, you never have to worry about trying to negotiate business with someone thousands of miles away over surplus. Everything is easy and has that “home feel,” resulting in a secure auction and liquidation process. At Auction Masters, your place is ours, meaning we can sell from anywhere for your plumbing equipment auction. Our online auction feature is just one aspect of our business. We’re prepared and happy to auction from a plumber’s business or our own auction house.

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Auction Masters is the best step to take to guarantee ease and simplicity with your plumbing equipment auction or appraisal. Why go through the hassle of personally posting your surplus plumber equipment online and dealing with countless dead ends? We make the liquidation process and plumbing equipment auction easy for you. By trusting us, we guarantee you’ll see the most profitable return for your equipment and assured success in liquidating your surplus materials. There’s a reason we’ve been around for 40 years: quality of and dedication to service. We are the best decision you’ll make when it comes to getting your plumbing equipment sold. Contact us today or download our app to find out how we can support you in your plumbing equipment auction journey.

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What our clients say

"Just wanted to show appreciation for helping liquidate our equipment and inventory. It was a fast, painless process that exceeded my expectations at all levels. Sharon was very professional and managed all activities during pickup and loading.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing on-line auction services. I will surely be contacting you in the future."

-Sam S.

— Sam S.

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