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Everywhere you look, new breweries are popping up, and each one requires specialized brewing and canning equipment to produce beverages efficiently. If you need to liquidate used brewery equipment, Auction Masters makes it easy to sell to other people in the industry. Microbrewery owners are always looking for tanks, pumps, chillers, boilers, vehicles and more to keep business moving. If that sounds like you, explore our brewery auctions to find quality used brewery equipment for sale at a price you name yourself. Register today to get started!

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"I have worked with Greg and Sharon and their staff at Auction Masters for many years and it has always been a positive experience. Everything from selling whole restaurant equipment packages to selling the odd item at their consignment auctions. They are talented professionals that operate with integrity for both the buyer and the seller. I recommend using Auction Masters, whether buying or selling without reservation. I believe they are among the best at what they do!" 

- Jon, CEO

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