Auction Masters | Selling Your Business As A Going Concern – 3 Things To Know

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Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in a lifetime. It is a break from the normal career path that places one’s future at the behest of others. As an entrepreneur, your fate is in your hands and your future has potentially limitless possibilities for growth. As attractive as this sounds, make no mistake that becoming a business owner is a path less traveled and fraught with challenge and sometimes peril.

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Welding Shop Owners | Retire And Make Money On Your Equipment

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The Challenge of Ownership

Owning a welding company takes a special combination of skill sets. You must be an exceptional operator and also be outgoing, customer driven, and business savvy. What began as a great means of work soon became a lifelong ambition. Lessons were learned. Success was achieved. Countless hours were spent crafting contract bids, knowing that the effort may be wasted if a better bid comes in. But persist you did, and with it you saw successes.

If you’ve ever owned a welding company, then you can likely relate to this. You knew that going into business for yourself all those years ago was a bit of a gamble, but you made it pay-off. You won the bids, provided exceptional service, and created a good life for you and your family.

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Auction Masters | 4 Common Myths Busted About Business Equipment Auctions

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It’s time to bust some myths. When it comes to business equipment auctions, some folks have misinformed ideas about how and why they occur. At first glance, business auctions may appear more risky than other ways of purchasing equipment, tools, and other operational implements. In reality, these misconceptions are flat out wrong and should be dispelled once and for all. That’s our objective in this article today.

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How To Liquidate A Business With Auction Masters

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You’ve been in business for 25 years. You’ve spent long days and nights building what has become a world-class operation. You’ve seen wonderful success over the course of this journey and now it is time to turn down a different path. Maybe you are exploring a new type of business model. Or, maybe you just want to enjoy the next part of your life and island in the Caribbean for a few years. Regardless of your next plan, your first order of business is getting the current one liquidated.

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Auction Masters – Experts In Liquidating Business With Over 100 Per Year

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Experts In Liquidating Business With Over 100 Per Year

The Lifecycle Of A Business

The lifecycle of a business is dynamic with twists, turns, and obstacles scattered throughout its journey towards growth. With the success of a business comes the reward of knowing you’ve created something of value. And with that value comes returns. Eventually, every business owner must make a decision to close, sell, or pass on the business to the next generation. If  you decide that closing down your business is the best option, you’ll need to “liquidate” the assets. This means you’ll want to turn business assets like tools, implements, office equipment, furniture, and any other tangible items into cash that will either help you pay creditors, or will be put in your pocket as exit profits.

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The Types Of Real Estate Auctions – Big Benefits To Sellers

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Real Estate Auctions & Big Benefits To Sellers

Selling real estate at an auction can produce amazing outcomes. For anyone planning to sell a piece of real estate, exploring the benefits below will help you learn  why an auction may be your best course of action. This article will walk you through a series of valuable questions and answers, then it will give you a comprehensive list of benefits for selling real estate at auction. 

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Auction Masters Introduces Mobile Friendly Auction Technology

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Auction Masters – Dedicated To Innovation

For over 40 years Auction Masters has pioneered new technology for our industry. On the day we opened our doors, we dedicated ourselves to giving customers the best experience possible. Our commitment to customer service drives us forward, exploring the most valuable tools for everyone in the auction process – sellers and buyers alike.

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