Past Auctions

NASCAR/Diecast Collectibles

  •   Apr 2 @ 11:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 16 @ 3:00pm CDT (End)
NASCAR and Diecast Collectible!

New Retail Goods

  •   Apr 9 @ 9:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 16 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
New Retail Goods: Home Goods, Electronic Toys, Guitars/Violins, Pet Goods, Beauty/Hair Products, Rec/Sporting Goods, Faucets, Fireplaces, Patio Umbrellas, More.

Multiple Businesses

  •   Apr 10 @ 3:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 16 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
Multiple Businesses: General Tools/Equipment, Lawn and Garden/Landscape, Woodworking, Material Handling, Commercial Audio and Stage Lighting, Portable Bathrooms, Rental Equipment (Inflatables, Tents, Tables, Chairs, Concessions), Printing/Bindery Equipment, Sporting/Rec/Outdoor Goods, Office Furniture, Much More!

Sign Company: Trucks, Tools/Equipment, Inventory & More

  •   Mar 28 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 8 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Sign Company Equipment, Tools and Inventory: Bucket Trucks, CNC Router, Woodworking Equipment, Hand/Power Tools, Ladders, Large Format Printer/Laminator, Inventory, Signs, Office and More. Additional items to be added Monday or Tuesday!

Complete Playground Structure

  •   Mar 26 @ 8:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 8 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Complete Miracle Recreation Equipment Company Playsystem.

Industrial/Medical/Machine Tools (Haas & Bridgeport)/Packaging Equipment

  •   Mar 13 @ 11:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 3 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Industrial/Automation/Machine Tools/Packaging/Medical Equipment: Ultrasonic Cleaners, Lasers, Centrifuges, Packaging Equipment (Belco, Bosch/Doboy, Little David, PouchMan), Machine Tools (Haas CNC, Bridgeport Mill, CNC Router, Jib Crane,Tool Grinders, Sandblast Cabinets, Scotchman Chop Saw), Automation and Test Equipment, Stainless Steel Tables, Commercial Dish Washers, Work Benches, More.

Research Laboratory Equipment and Consumables

  •   Mar 7 @ 11:00am CST (Start)
  •   Apr 1 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Research Laboratory Equipment and Consumables: Centrifuges, Safety/Fume Cabinets, Vacuum Pumps, Sterilizers, Ovens, Mixers, Hotplates, Lab Cabinets, Lab Inventory and Supplies, Material Handling, Office and More.

Eccentric Estate Auction: Vintage Mechanical /Laboratory/Test/Audio Equipment & More

  •   Mar 15 @ 3:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 27 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
A Collection of Vintage and Rare Electronic, Mechanical & Laboratory Items. Functional Electronic Instruments, Laboratory Test Equipment & Glassware. Framed Wall Art, Home Decor & Obscure Collectables and much more. ADDITIONAL ITEMS TO BE ADDED!

Office Furniture & Warehouse Equipment

  •   Mar 12 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 25 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Office Furniture, Breakroom Furniture, Appliances, Banquet Chairs, Training Tables, Decor, Lift Platform, More.

Distillery Equipment

  •   Mar 8 @ 9:00am CST (Start)
  •   Mar 19 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Distillery Equipment: 400 Gallon Still, Ajax Steam Boiler, SS Tanks, Agitator, Bottle Filling Stations, Oak Barrels, Inventory, More. Over $90,000 when purchased.

Stage/Theater Equipment & More

  •   Mar 12 @ 12:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 19 @ 12:00pm CDT (End)
Stage/Theater Equipment: Audio and Lighting Equipment, Furniture, Appliances and More.

Multiple Restaurants Equipment

  •   Mar 12 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 19 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
Multiple Restaurants and Furnishings: Kitchen Equipment, Mixers/Slicers/VCMs, Refrigeration, Furniture, Concessions/Catering, Shelving/Carts, Tools/Maintenance/Janitorial, Smallwares, More.

44 Pallets Premium Mulch

  •   Mar 11 @ 2:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 18 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
44 Pallets of Premium Red Mulch: 65 Bags Per Pallet (2 CF Per Bag)

Woodworking Equipment

  •   Mar 13 @ 5:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 18 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Woodworking Equipment: CNC Router, Table Saw, Planers, Timesaver, Jointer, Bandsaws, Panel Saw, Dust Collector, More. ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED TUESDAY, MARCH 19TH. THERE IS NO ACCESS AFTER THAT. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Branding/Packaging Equipment & Inventory (for Cannabis Industry)

  •   Feb 28 @ 8:00am CST (Start)
  •   Mar 13 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Branding/Packaging Equipment and Inventory for the Cannabis Industry. 4 Mimaki UV Flatbed Printers, Packaging Inventory, Warehouse/Material Handling, Office and More.

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What our clients say

"Just wanted to show appreciation for helping liquidate our equipment and inventory. It was a fast, painless process that exceeded my expectations at all levels. Sharon was very professional and managed all activities during pickup and loading.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing on-line auction services. I will surely be contacting you in the future."

-Sam S.

— Sam S.

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