How to Prepare Your Heavy Machinery for Auction

Heavy machinery

As global supply chain disruptions prevent many people from acquiring new machinery, the resale market continues to expand. Additionally, the growing emphasis on sustainable practices within the manufacturing industry has led many buyers to seek used equipment. 

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Woodworkers and Cabinet Makers: Earn Money From Your Equipment When You Retire

Woodworkers and cabinet makers in auctionjpg

Woodworking is a profitable industry, and running your own woodworking business takes a lot of effort. You must be business savvy, outgoing, customer-driven, and an exceptional woodworker to be successful. By learning lessons and improving your craft, you will slowly start to carve out a livelihood for yourself that you won’t believe.  After years of hard work and successful business endeavors, you’re probably ready to retire. However, what do you do with all of the equipment and business you’ve built over the years that you no longer need?  Why not make a profit from it by selling it in an online auction? Continue reading to learn more about how you can sell your unwanted woodworking equipment.

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Online Auction Terminology Guide

Online auction terminology guide

Online auctions are a fantastic resource for business liquidation. But, if you're new to the online auction world, the language can be confusing. This guide will help you understand some of the most common terms used in online auctions so that you can bid with confidence.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Industrial Equipment at Auction


Auctioning equipment can be a fantastic way to dispose of your old equipment without contributing to the landfill. so if yours are creating depreciation for your business, look into an online auction to see if you can sell them. Here are some signs that your equipment is ready to go to auction.

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How Online Auctions Have Impacted Industrial Business


The online auctions have impacted the industrial auction environment, but how? Here are a few ways online auctions have transformed industrial business auctions for the better.

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What Is This Worth? Perks of Professional Appraisal

What is this worth  perks of professional appraisal

A professional appraisal provides you with the most accurate valuation of your assets. There are many reasons to calculate the true value of your assets, including when buying or selling items at an auction, determining insurance needs, and predicting property tax liabilities. One of the biggest perks of a professional appraisal is receiving a proper valuation of assets. One of the biggest perks of a professional appraisal is receiving a proper valuation of assets.

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6 Common Misconceptions About Selling at Online Auctions

Common misconceptions about selling at online auctions

Selling your assets online is a great way to liquidate your things and create a virtual presence to reach more potential buyers. Here we are debunking some of the misconceptions and showing you why selling in an online auction is the way to go when liquidating your assets.

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