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A Chaotic Year Of Success And Failure

This time last year the world was shut down and parts of the Home & Garden market were booming. Notice we mentioned “parts” of the market, more specifically, the DIY gardening and home furniture parts. Companies in this space that were positioned to move sales online and make curbside delivery an integral part of their offerings saw success. 

Then came the major supply chain disruptions, introducing another chaotic and costly circumstance of the pandemic. Online sales looked great, but deliveries were being postponed for months. Order a ‘Deluxe Outdoor Lounge Set’ in April, get it in December..  

Due to these massive supply chain and production issues occurring throughout the entire furniture industry related to COVID-19 impact, business owners experienced (and are still suffering from) production slowdowns, staff shortages, and factory closures. All of these played roles in creating major delays in product availability and delivery dates.

Taking Advantage Of The Here And Now

If you are an outdoor furniture store owner, now could be one of the best times to liquidate your products and equipment. Maybe you experienced too many setbacks with ongoing supply chain disruptions and cash flow diminished. Maybe you are ready to retire, or maybe you have found another business opportunity. You could also be wanting to clear out older inventory for new lines of furniture that are being released. 

No matter the reason you are looking to liquidate, there are two ways to simplify your sales process so that you have success.

We’re seeing the tide turn once again. Businesses are re-opening. People are traveling. Folks are heading back to office working environments. Families are venturing out to enjoy the activities they missed over the past year and a half.

Home & Garden is arguably one of the most attractive industries on the market. For a business owner, this is a great chance for you to educate yourself about the options you have available to capitalize on your home and garden equipment if you are exploring the idea of an exit.

In this article, we’ll give you 2 easy steps for getting your outdoor furniture ready for liquidation. You’ll be able to educate yourself on the process and know what to expect. 

A Current State Of Affairs

The Outdoor Furniture industry and patio furniture markets are experiencing all-time highs. Outdoor living is gaining popularity and adoption among various populations of people. Many people now view their patios and decks as extended living spaces and treat them as such. This newfound popularity of comfort and homeliness is transforming the way outdoor furniture is being designed and built. We are now seeing much higher degrees of creative design and trend appeal that influence how outdoor furniture is made. 

With this outdoor lifestyle trend growing in popularity, the outdoor furniture market is set for rapid growth. For owners who are looking to liquidate, convenience and availability are key selling points. Quality, low maintenance, easy to clean, climate-proof, eco-friendly: these are some of the more important features that consumers are searching for. If you have items available with those features, then you are in a good position. 

As public venues re-open to full capacity, they are also steadily expanding their outdoor offerings. If there is one thing that the pandemic taught businesses, it was how to get creative and show their patrons a good time. Businesses have prepared and continue to adjust their models to meet the unknown. Variants of COVID-19 like the Delta strain are being reported and savvy business owners are putting the pieces in place to keep their doors open, even in a worst case scenario. 

As we have seen, between the growing demand from homeowners to create an extended living space with their patios and decks, and the increased use of outside areas for business owners to entertain patriots, now is the perfect opportunity for an outdoor furniture seller to capitalize on any unused or unwanted inventory.  

Instead of going it alone, attempting to navigate the nuances of a successful sales event, you may want to think about hiring a group of experts who are well-versed in the liquidation of niche market equipment. Welcome to Auction Masters. We have a simple, 2 step process for assessing and liquidating business equipment that puts our clients’ minds at ease and profits in their pockets.  

Step 1 – Partner with a Trusted Appraiser

The Auction Masters team has over four decades of industry experience, giving us a deep knowledge of asset values and markets. This allows our team to successfully serve your business. We have streamlined the appraisal process and work for our clients to quickly determine market value for your equipment. 

This is where our trusted, Certified Equipment Appraisers can be your greatest allies. Like the long-term relationships you’ve built in your business over the years, you want to have a certified business equipment appraiser who you can trust. 

You want to partner with an appraiser who displays an impeccable process, is known for a valued reputation in related industries, and shows a successful track record in working with small businesses. You want an appraiser who is going to do the right thing in the right way, every time.

Step 2 – Find The Right Sales Process

At Auction Masters, we know that making a sale easy helps everyone involved. That’s why we work closely with clients to determine and then deliver the best prices available. Our auctions are fast and effective. Our method for selling your equipment gives you the best value possible.

The team at Auction Masters takes great pride in working to pair every auction with cutting-edge marketing tactics, so sellers reach the right customers. Rest assured, we work to find the most valuable buyers available for the purchase of your items.

If you are an independent contractor who needs to liquidate your equipment, then the expert team at Auction Masters can help. Whether you plan to pivot your services and need to replace older equipment, or you are looking to exit the construction business altogether, we have the staff and experience to make your sale a success. 

We provide strategic marketing tactics to identify high-value buyers. We handle the auction planning for you. We guide you through our simple, detail-oriented process. And we get you results in a time-efficient manner.

At Auction Masters, we are here to serve our clients. We create an experience that is one of a kind. Our goal is to make things simple for you. Call us today at (763) 428-2271 or visit our contact page to connect with one of our specialists.

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"To Whom It May Concern:

Due to recent unexpected circumstances, our company came into possession of hundreds of items of inventory that were unrelated to our current field of business. After a few short phone calls and simple emails, Auction Masters took immediate action. With amazing speed, all of the inventory was professionally photographed, categorized, detailed, and up for auction with minimal guidance from us. Their efficient marketing resulted in a quick and well organized sale. Within a couple of weeks we received the final proceeds of the auction which doubled our initial expectations. We will not hesitate to retain Auction Masters for all of our future inventory reduction needs."

-Timothy, Loss Mitigation Manager

— Timothy, Loss Mitigation Manager