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If you read our last article on the state of the world’s supply chain, then you know that consumers are growing increasingly less patient with product delivery delays and are looking to solve their problems by changing their spending habits and the products they intend to buy. With purchasing trends pointing towards sustainability and durable products that provide longer use and less replacement, it is important for business owners to keep a current understanding of what customers want and how to use the information to positively impact their bottom line.

In this article, we’ll explore 3 things businesses should do throughout 2022 to keep current clients loyal and attract new ones along the way. We’ll also provide the reader with 3 things businesses should avoid in order to deliver the best experience possible for anyone who comes in contact with the brand.

1. Speaking of Customer Experience, How Is Yours?

With the universal consumer adoption of “instant gratitude”, creating positive, memorable interactions with customers along their buying journey is absolutely key. People have become vocal about their negative impressions regarding ‘hard sales’ and ‘pressure tactics’. People are fed up with feeling like numbers and they now have plenty of replacement options right at their fingertips. You may want to make it a priority that they don’t walk away.

Folks want to feel confident that the company they may do business with has their best interest in mind. And when they feel this way, they’re likely to spend more money with you. 

How can your company create memorable experiences for your clients? Could you send them handwritten birthday or ‘thank you’ cards? Deliver a gift card for the local coffee shop to their inbox? You may want to consider some creative ways to stand out from competitors by going the extra mile with a special ‘gift’

2. Follow Up. Follow Up. And Follow Up Again.

When you have your clients best interest at the forefront, following up with them through text and email campaigns, phone calls, mailers, and other means of communication doesn’t feel intrusive. Often, businesses will miss opportunities to reach back out to their clients because they don’t want to come across as ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’. 

When your company cares about the customers, your following up with them doesn’t feel like this at all. Actually, you’ll find that people really appreciate you reaching out to check in on them. They may even remember that they were meaning to call you because they needed to place another order!

3. When There Is Understanding, Opportunities Arise

As we mentioned above, customers have the power of choice in their hands. If they suspect that you only want them for their money, then they could quickly pivot towards a brand that conveys a more meaningful message and experience. As a business, you understand what your customers need to solve their problems. You provide that exact product or service. What some brands don’t prioritize is letting clients know that the business understands their ‘wants’. What do your clients want? What is going to make them feel like the hero that just saved the day by making the decision to use you instead of your competitor? 

HINT: One of the most important answers to that question appears in Section 1 of this article! 

Ok. Now let’s talk about the don'ts.

1. Don’t Be A Hero. That’s Your Customer’s Job.

Let’s elaborate on that concept we introduced in the last paragraph. Your role in this saga of your client solving their problems is not that of the hero. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Your job is to be the guide. People are not looking for hero brands. If you position your brand, product, or service as the hero, then you could be missing a lot of opportunities. 

When you talk about how your company is the fastest growing, highest selling, always expanding brand, people stop listening. They are looking for a company who will listen to their problems and help them solve those problems. 

If you make yourself the hero, your potential client may just think to themselves, “Oh, great! You’re a hero on your own journey. That’s awesome. Could you point me in the direction of a guide who can help me on mine?” As they politely tell you, “No thanks. Good luck in growing your business!”

2. Don’t Substitute Integrity For Anything

As with our other concepts, we continue to visit the consumer experience and customer choice in this section as well. Now more than ever before, customers want to align themselves with brands that share similar worldviews. 

No, we’re not necessarily talking about politics. We’re talking about quality, craftsmanship, sustainability, energy efficiency, and things like charity support. This may sound like a list of buzzwords, but if your company is ‘walking the walk’ on these concepts then your clients can quickly become brand loyal advocates who ‘talk the talk’ for you. And word of mouth is still king.

4. No Spray & Pray. Target & Empathize.

A common mistake of many companies that are implementing a sales force and marketing tactics is the ‘spray and pray’ method. They cast a net as wide as possible and hope to catch anything they can. They buy lists of contacts and send email ‘blasts’, employ 3rd party call-centers and cold-call every number they can get their hands on. 

There is nothing wrong with prospecting. It’s the heartbeat of a business. But as we’ve noted throughout this article, customer experience is critical and word of mouth is still king. You don’t want to develop the reputation of a ‘boiler room’ business. You don’t want to come across as shallow. You don’t want people to think that they are only a number on the bottom line for your company. Work to find qualified prospects who can really use your product or service and show them that you are the guide who is ready to help them save the day and solve their problem.

If you or someone you know needs a guide to walk through the process of appraising or selling a business, then Auction Masters is your one stop shop. We understand how difficult the journey of a hero business owner can be and our team is here to help. Our processes are proven, simple, and turnkey. If you’re interested in selling your business equipment or even returning your facility back to its’ broom-swept condition, Auction Masters has your covered. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses each year for decades.There is very little that we haven’t seen. We know that we can certainly help you and your business. Feel free to reach out with any questions at the email address below. Or give us a ring at your earliest convenience. We’ll be happy to help in any way possible!

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