How Will Auction Masters Advertise My Online Auction?

If you're selling items in an online auction for the first time, you may be wondering “how Auction Masters will advertise my online auction?” Selling items in an online auction that can seem intimidating, especially if you're excited about the potential bidders that are looking at your items beforehand. There are special tactics that online auction companies will use to increase the traffic to your auction, in hopes of getting more bidders.

Local Registered Buyers

Auction Masters has 80,000 local buyers located across five states. Before an auction takes place, Auction Masters does everything they can to alert those buyers of the items going up for sale in the upcoming auction. As Auction Masters reaches a new targeted audience with text message advertisements and social media campaigns, the number of local register buyers continues to grow.

In addition to reaching out to local registered buyers, our team at Auction Masters will also focus on creating strong content on our platforms. We focus on making sure the descriptions and images listed on the website showcase your items' strong suits. By showcasing these strengths of the products you are selling online, it'll help to make the items you're auctioning more appealing to those who are interested in bidding. 

Targeted Social Media Campaigns to Advertise the Online Auction

In the weeks before your online auction, Auction Masters will work on creating targeted social media campaigns to advertise your online auctions. We will work to advertise your online auction to a variety of demographics across several social media channels. Also, we will specifically identify the demographics that would be interested in the items that you're selling on our website, so your items aren't just being advertised to any generic person. 

Potential people who are interested in participating in the online auction for your items will get notifications and alerts on their social media feeds about the event. They can even sign up for reminders about the online auction via text messages. 

In addition to the targeted social media campaigns, Auction Masters will show the targeted audience what they can expect from your auction event. We will showcase sneak peeks of the items you're selling at the auction. This will give the buyers a little sense of what they can expect when they attend the event. 

Text Messages to Advertise My Online Auction

Thanks to the target of social media campaigns, new buyers are signing up every day for the auctions that interest them. Before the auction closes, Auction Masters sends out a text message to all of the interested individuals to remind them of the auction. 

The reason why the text messages are held off until the last portion of the online auction is because this is when most of the bidding actions take place. As time is running out to bid on an item, a lot of people tend to get excited and become more active in the bids they're placing. This is where a lot of sellers tend to make their money, as most people will spend a larger portion of money in bids in the end half of an online auction than they will at the beginning. 

Knowing How Auction Masters Advertise My Online Auction

It's important to understand how your auction will be advertised when you're working with an online auctioning company. Knowing that the online auctioneer is putting out effort to bring traffic and more people to your auction is one of the key signs you should look out for to make sure you're working with an established and reputable auctioneer.

 If you're looking to learn more about how Auction Masters will advertise my online auction, contact us today with any questions or concerns. 

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