How Can an Auction House in Minnesota Help Liquidate My Business?

When you are ready to liquidate your business, working with an auction house in Minnesota will help you to liquidate your business faster. Not only that, but you may also receive a larger amount of value from your equipment than you were initially anticipating. If you don't want to spend a lot of time and resources trying to bring an audience to purchase the items that you're liquidating, working with an auction house is a great option. In addition, auction houses in Minnesota will help you to prepare everything for an auction so that there's little dirty work you have to do when you're ready to liquidate.

Timeline to Expect When Working with an Auction House 

When you reach out to Auction Masters to help you liquidate your business, we will travel out to the location of your company. When we arrive, we'll go over all of the items that you were looking to get rid of in the liquidation. Our team of trained experts will then proceed to photograph, tag, and categorize all of the items you're getting rid of. The tagging and categorizing of all of your equipment will help to make the sale day of what is your and more time efficient. Plus, this will also ensure that none of the equipment you're selling gets lost in the shuffle of everything.

When Auction Masters’ team members come to visit your business, we will go over our fees with you. That way, you're aware of what you can expect to pay for all of the work going into auctioning off your equipment before the auction ends. This will help you to better expect what your budget is going to look like to prepare for your liquidation.

Depending on how much equipment you are getting rid of and the timeline it would need to move, the live auction can be scheduled from anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks after the initial visit. 

Live Auction Day with an Auction House in Minnesota 

Prior to auction day, Auction Masters does allow an inspection. This inspection allows potential buyers to come inspect the equipment they're interested in purchasing. The buyers can measure the items and turn the items on to make sure they're fully working.

Once it's time for auction day, everything will go live on the site. Typically, all of the equipment you are getting rid of will stay live in the auction for 10 days. During this period of 10 days, live bidding will take place on  the items you're selling. The auction house will focus on marketing your equipment to make sure there's a large audience of targeted buyers who are interested in investing in your pieces. You don't have to worry about marketing your auction or spreading the news about the items you're selling. Here at Auction Masters, we take care of all of that for you. 

Loadout Day

When your auction is over, it's loadout day. This is the time where buyers will come and pick up the pieces of equipment they've purchased. Auction Masters will send over an invoice to the buyer for all of the equipment they've purchased. The buyer must pay for the equipment before they can leave with the pickup.

Working with an Auction House in Minnesota

There's a lot that goes into trying to liquidate your business. The last thing you should have to worry about is finding a way to auction off all of the equipment you purchased for your business. Thankfully, that's where an online auction house comes in handy. 

If you want to liquidate your business with the help of an auction house in Minnesota, contact Auction Masters today

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What our clients say

"I have been very pleased with the professionalism, organization, and quick response time that Auction Masters has provided for my organization. We have partnered with AM for the past 12 months on 20+ different auctions and they have been on target with minimal errors or hiccups. When issues have happened they have been quick to recover and flexible in creating a recovery strategy for both my organization and the buyers. I appreciate the partnership we have created with Frank, Jason, and the warehouse team in executing the sales of our equipment and furniture."

-Jaime, Facility Director

— Jaime, Facility Director