Mergers and Acquisitions – Part 1 – Why They’re Winning Strategies For 2021

Why They’re Winning Strategies For 2021

With a challenging and turbulent year moving behind us, there looks to be great opportunities in several areas of business that could help fuel company growth and local economies in 2021. As we discussed in our last article, this upcoming year will be the year of the customer. Companies who know how to create an empathetic and convenient buying experience will have an advantage in the market. Smart marketing strategies and effective fulfillment techniques will be valuable for businesses and customers alike.

But solid marketing, sales, and fulfillment strategies aren’t the only name of the game for 2021. For businesses that flourished or floundered during the pandemic, there are other valuable opportunities on the horizon. And those opportunities may appear as mergers and acquisitions.

With all of the complications the business world encountered during 2020, there were an enormous amount of companies with amazing business models, impeccable products, and integrity-driven customer service that were taken down. Businesses that would’ve thrived during a normal year had to close their doors and lay off workforces. 

As we’ve also covered in previous articles, there were a large number of businesses in the perfect position to provide services and products to folks during this health and humanitarian crisis. They thrived. And many of them grew, very quickly.

Here is where the opportunity appears for both parties. Mergers and acquisitions could be a tremendous advantage for businesses of all shapes and sizes in this upcoming year.

Over the next 3 articles, we’ll be covering these topics: 

  • Why They’re Winning Strategies For 2021
  • How To Prepare For A Merger or Acquisition
  • Appraising And Selling Assets For A Merger 

It should be said as we begin that our research should be used as a starting point for your journey. If you are a part of a company looking to enter a merger or acquisition, you’ll want to consult with accounting, tax, banking and legal representatives who are experienced in these fields.

Auction Masters has over 40 years of experience in helping our clients with business equipment appraisals and getting the most value for equipment assets when companies decide a merger or acquisition is the best option. We’re always happy to help in any way we can. So feel free to contact us with questions. 

Now, let’s start with why mergers and acquisitions could be winning strategies for businesses next year. The main idea to keep in mind is in the title: strategy. And because this year will be the year of the client, also remember convenience. As a company owner, you could have built an amazing product or service, but your customers froze spending in 2020 and cash flow has taken a major blow. 

What you offer as a business solution is very valuable, but may not be absolutely vital for your clients when a pandemic is happening. If you are in a position to partner with another company that is similar to yours, then you can combine expertise and efforts, claiming more market share for your larger niche. 

For example, a cake shop and a coffee house may prove to be a perfect match. They could combine to potentially decrease rent, consolidate efforts, and streamline equipment, offering a more complete “food and beverage” experience for the customer at the same time. You get fresh coffee and cupcakes in one place! “Curbside pick-up and delivery available!”

Meanwhile, there are large numbers of profitable, thriving businesses previously looking into mergers or acquisitions in 2020. Many were derailed by the uncertainty that came with the pandemic. Volatility in supply chains, uncertainty around markets, and the economic future made it hard to determine the best course of action for target acquisitions and strategic mergers.

We have survived a large part of the uncertainty. A vaccine is being distributed. Protocols have been created globally to prepare for similar health and humanitarian crisis. 

Now is a great time to make a deal. People are looking to negotiate. People are looking to create new foundations for the future. Interest rates are historically low. Getting support for a solid idea that shows promise is cheaper than it’s been in a long time.  

For businesses looking at target acquisitions, this is an excellent opportunity to absorb top-notch talent and valuable assets at an amazing rate, helping your company grow in the process. 

Now maybe the time to take that next step in growing your business by combining with the talent of another. If you decide that a merger or acquisition is in your future, Auction Masters can make the appraisal and equipment selling process simple and valuable. We specialize in helping clients with traditional and niche markets. 

We have a successful 12-year history of online Auctions in Minnesota, liquidating commercial and industrial businesses with the same hands-on owners for over 30 years. Our Minneapolis online auctions are respected for professional service and results. 

As always, don’t take our word for it. Look at what our clients say.

“Auction Masters has been a great resource for us. They are efficient, easy to work with, and are able to find buyers for items that would have otherwise been impossible for us to find on our own. “ – Jon, President

To see how our appraisal and auction processes work, call us at the number below! Or send us an email with your questions. If you are entering a merger or acquisition and need to sell extra equipment and inventory, contact us today. You can trust that your sale will be successful and run with a high level of efficiency when you work with Auction Masters. 

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What our clients say

"I have been very pleased with the professionalism, organization, and quick response time that Auction Masters has provided for my organization. We have partnered with AM for the past 12 months on 20+ different auctions and they have been on target with minimal errors or hiccups. When issues have happened they have been quick to recover and flexible in creating a recovery strategy for both my organization and the buyers. I appreciate the partnership we have created with Frank, Jason, and the warehouse team in executing the sales of our equipment and furniture."

-Jaime, Facility Director

— Jaime, Facility Director