What Types of Assets Can I Buy at an Online Restaurant Equipment Auction?

Not many restaurant owners are aware, but when you shop at an online restaurant equipment auction, you can actually save thousands of dollars. You could even completely revamp all of the decor inside of your restaurant for a fraction of a cost of what you would pay if you were to buy the equipment and a court brand new. Keeping your restaurant updated and inviting is important, especially when you're trying to compete with other restaurants in the area. You can keep your restaurant welcoming and inviting, by buying equipment that has been liquidated by other restaurants in your area.

Shopping for Decor at an Online Auction

Anything that a restaurant owns, and doesn't lease, can be sold at an online restaurant auction. Finding ways to keep costs down cannot only help to save you money, but it can also help to preserve the success of your business.

Right next to equipment, decor is one of the most expensive things a business owner can buy. Shopping at an online restaurant equipment auction can give you access to thousands of pieces offered by other restaurants in the area that are going out of business. From point of sale (POS) systems, lights, and chairs to tables, area rugs, and even the bar, you can really find everything that you would need to make your restaurant updated and trendy add an online auction.


Buying consumables at an online equipment auction is something that shocks a lot of restaurant owners. However, buying them from an auction is another great way to help save your restaurant thousands of dollars in operational costs. Unopened packages of napkins, plastic cutlery, plates, bowls, dishware, and even the liquor behind a bar, are all items that you can expect to see in an online auction. 

What a lot of restaurant owners don't think about buying at an auction is safety equipment. You can find brand new safety  equipment that’s still in date, but for super cheap, at an online auction. All restaurants have to have some sort of safety equipment, so if you're looking to build a back stock or you need to replace the equipment you currently have, online auctions are a great place to look. Pieces of safety equipment like fire extinguishers, security cameras, first aid kits, and no slip mats are great examples of the types of safety equipment you can find online. 

Buying Kitchen Equipment at an Online Restaurant Equipment Auction

Online restaurant equipment auctions are most well known for selling kitchen equipment. Some  common pieces of kitchen equipment found in online auctions are hoods, grills, and bar equipment. However, it's really important to check on the ownership status of any of the equipment in your kitchen. For you to be able to sell any of the equipment on an online auction, you have to be the owner of the equipment. If there's anything in your kitchen that's the least, you cannot sell this at an online auction.

Other commonly found pieces of kitchen equipment that you may not think about finding like cleaning supplies. You can also find garbage cans, storage containers, additional shelving units, and even mops and brooms available for sale.

Buying Assets for Your Business at an Online Restaurant Equipment Auction

Depending on the businesses in your area, there is a lot that you can take advantage of when you're shopping for kitchen equipment on an online auction. Knowing what your restaurant's needs are before you begin  bidding on everything will further help you to budget better and ensure you aren't over buying.

If you're a restaurant owner and you are looking to buy kitchen equipment on an online restaurant equipment auction, contact Auction Masters today.

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